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Kristen Woodworth

Poulin Grain Ambassador

Kristen Woodworth pulls double duty as a professional event rider and owner of Optimum Times Farm in Tolland, CT, as well as working as a full time ER nurse. Optimum Times Farm is a small boarding facility offering individualized feeding plans for a variety of competition, pleasure and retired horses.

"I pride myself in individualized feed plans to suit each horse's nutritional needs. By working one on one with the Poulin nutrition experts we have been able to customize feed plans for each of my horses as well as my boarder's horses.

A huge part of my feed program is forage-- I truly believe in feeding good quality hay, which Poulin encourages and willingly sends for analysis. Every horse on my farm is supplemented with a soaked Forage Extender to promote water intake as well as gut motility. One of my other favorite products is the GIT Activator (Live Cell Yeast) which I feed to all of my personal horses for gastric health.

My competition horses eat Etec One because of the Ca⁺RE EQ™ "calcite" for bone growth support for my young horse, was well as for the gastric buffering for weekly travel, competitions, galloping and training. I love checking in frequently with my personal feed specialist as well as referring friends and students who may be struggling to find the right fit for their own horses.”

Kristen's Favorite Feeds

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