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Leslie Ann McGowan

Poulin Grain Ambassador

Leslie Ann McGowan runs her business, Double A Equestrians, out of her family’s Linden Woods Farm in Durham, NH, which has been recognized as a New Hampshire Farm of Distinction. She has competed through the U-25 Grand Prix and is currently competing multiple horses at the regional, national and international level. Leslie Ann also coaches students at Linden Woods, as well as the local high school equestrian team, leading them to 1st place at the district championships for many years in a row.

While Leslie Ann is fortunate to work with many well bred horses, bringing them up the levels, one of our favorite stories is that of an unlikely underdog. “Woody”, as he’s known, is a grade horse that was found abandoned and abused in the woods and under Leslie Ann’s care has become a very competitive dressage horse, most recently finishing 4th in the National Dressage Pony Cup year end awards. You can read more about their story here.

Why does Leslie Ann and Linden Woods Farm choose Poulin Grain?

“We feed Poulin Grain first and foremost because we know the quality is always consistent and therefore we can rely on getting the best nutrition for our horses. Secondly customer service is first rate as they are always there to answer any questions or concerns. Lastly all of our horses look in top condition with shiny dappled coats! We also feed Poulin Grain Sheep Complete for our small flock!”

Leslie's Favorite Feeds

Leslie Ann McGowan showcase photo Leslie Ann McGowan showcase photo Leslie Ann McGowan showcase photo

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