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Forage Extender Super Bites

Large Pellet

Formulated to provide essential quality fiber in diet. May be used to replace up to half of the forage in an animals’ diet on a pound for pound basis. Suitable for equines, sheep, cattle, goats, camelids and rabbits. Available in Super Bites (Large Pellet) and Mini Bites (Standard Pellet)

Specially Formulated For:

Life Stages

Pregnant / Lactating
Adult Maintenance
Active Performance
Intense Work

Special Needs

Digestive Support
Metabolic Concerns
Easy Keeper
Hard Keeper or Weight Gain
Mini / Pony
Analysis & Ingredients
Feeding Instructions

Forage Extender Super Bites Advantages

  • Features sources of highly digestible fiber - Soy Hulls, and Dehydrated Alfalfa Meal

  • No molasses

  • 80% digestible fiber vs. a maximum of 50% digestible fiber in hay. Provides consistent nutritional content vs. the variability seen in hay.

  • Reduces dust and mold exposure of horses with only poor quality hay sources available.

  • 12% protein vs. hay protein of 5-8% (depending on crop)

  • Balanced Ca:P ratio

  • Yeast Culture is added to aid in the proper digestion of the fiber in the horses diet, allowing the horse to get the most out of the ration

  • Flavor to enhance palatability

  • Meet horse’s energy requirements with less lbs of concentrate

  • Economical and available: Average 35% cost savings over other hay replacement products

  • Available in Forage Extender Super Bites (large pellet), or Forage Extender Mini Bites (standard pellet).

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude ProteinMin12.00 %
Crude FatMin2.00 %
Crude FiberMin24.00 %
Crude FiberMax28.00 %
Acid Detergent FiberMax38.00%
Neutral Detergent FiberMax57.00%
Dietary StarchMax5.7 %
SugarsMax3.6 %
CalciumMin0.70 %
CalciumMax0.90 %
PhosphorusMin0.30 %


Soy Hulls, Wheat Middlings, Dehydrated Alfalfa Meal, Lignin Sulfonate, Calcium Carbonate, Propionic Acid (a preservative), Verxite, Ammonium Hydroxide, Silicon Dioxide, Acetic Acid, Benzoic Acid(a preservative), Tartaric Acid, Yeast Culture, Artificial & Natural Flavoring.

Feeding Amounts & Instructions

Feed pound for pound to replace or extend your hay supply at up to 50% of an animal's total daily forage consumption.

Do not feed more than 5 lbs per feeding.

Introduce gradually over 10-14 days.

Always supply fresh, clean water.

Equine Feeding Guidelines

Divide feed into a minimum of two equal feedings. Never feed more than 0.5 lbs of grain per 100 lbs of body weight in a single feeding.

The amount of grain fed to any horse will vary depending on forage quality and availability in addition to the animal’s weight, body condition, activity level and age.

All dietary changes should be made slowly over a period of 10-14 days.

If your horse has dental problems or trouble swallowing, this product can be soaked in water before feeding.

If feeding less than the daily recommended amount of a concentrated feed, supplement with E-TEC Balancer to meet adequate levels of vitamins and minerals.

If you would like to have your horse’s diet evaluated to ensure it is balanced for all critical nutrients, please contact your Poulin Grain feed specialist.

Forage Testing & Customized Feed Plans

Your animal is unique – let us tailor a feeding recommendation to their needs.

Forage is the foundation for any high performing nutrition program, but do you know what nutrients your forage is providing or lacking?

Our unique forage testing program allows a high level of precision when it comes to your animal’s diet. That means more complete nutrition, less guessing, healthier animals and happier owners.

Poulin Grain offers complimentary forage analysis, and personalized feeding recommendations for your animals. Contact us today for a free one-on-one consult with our feed experts.

Group 9 Contact for Forage Testing or Nutrition Consult

Prefer to call us? You can reach us at 800-334-6731.
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When I first reached out to Poulin many years ago, they sent a rep down who assessed my feed program, took core hay samples so that we could base my diets off of what I was feeding for forage. I’m a very customer service oriented person and I am really big on follow through and going the extra mile. Poulin Grain demonstrated this time and time again and it is for those reasons also that I have been a long time customer!”

- Meghan H #PoulinPowered Share Your Story!
Forage Extender Super Bites bag image
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