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Concentrated nutritional supplement for calves, dairy cows, lambs and goat kids. Now in 25 lb bags.

Vitalfort contains mainly electrolytes and easily absorbable carbohydrates. Vitalfort assists absorption of fluids from the intestines and promotes proper fluid and acid-base balance. Vitalfort should be used as an early preventative measure when dehydration is a risk, such as when animals are experiencing heat stress, scours, transportation or health challenges.

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Life Stages

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Vitalfort Advantages

  • Formulated to support during periods of stress or dehydration

  • Enhanced flavoring to promote easy intake

  • Easily digestible carbohydrates provide quick energy

  • Supports increases in starter intake

  • Isotonic solution helps animals easily absorb water

  • Affordable, early intervention preventative care solution

  • Solution mixes up red for easy identification in calf buckets and bottles.

Guaranteed Analysis

Potassium (K)(min)1.7%


Dextrose, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Citrate, Potassium Chloride, Sodium Bicarbonate, Silicon Dioxide, Saccharin Sodium, Glycyrrhizin Ammoniated, FD&C Red No 40.

Feeding Amounts & Instructions

One 25 lb bag of Vitalfort provides 400 1L doses, or 200 2L doses.

Mixing Instructions: Dissolve 2 ounces Vitalfort (approximately 1/3 cup) per 2 liters of lukewarm water (95 degrees F).

For Calves: For daily use from day 3 to day 14. Provide 1-2 L/day in addition to usual feed.

For intensive support, use for 2-3 days and provide 1-2 liters several times per day.

For Dairy Cows: Provide 20 oz Vitalfort dissolved in 5.3 gallons of water immediately after calving to provide energy and electrolytes, and stimulate consumption of water.

For Lambs and Kids: Provide in group housing in addition to the usual feed for 1-7 days.

  • Do not mix with milk or milk replacer. If limited milk access if offered, feed vitalfort at least 1 hour before or after milk feeding.

  • Feeding restricted amounts of Vitalfort a few times per day is more effective than offering ad lib access.

  • If ad lib feeding, refresh solution every 6 hours for optimal effect. Replace at least once per day at absolute minimum.

  • In times of heat stress, animals may be more likely to consume electrolyte at night. Offer fresh in the evening.

  • If the animal is severely dehydrated or depressed, consult with your veterinarian.

Dairy Feeding Guidelines

For Calves and Heifers:

  • Feed large breed calves 4 quarts of high quality colostrum within 2 hours of birth and again 12 hours later. Adjust amounts for small breed calves. If colostrum quality or quantity is low, consider using a colostrum supplement or replacer.

  • Offer free choice water from day 2.

  • Offer free choice calf starter from day 3, starting with a small amount, and increasing as they begin to eat. Calves weaned at 8 weeks of age or less should be consuming 3-4 pounds of starter grain per head per day. Never let calves go without available starter.

  • Wean calves off milk over a 10-16 day period.

  • At 12 weeks, gradually switch to heifer grower pellet, offering increasing amounts of hay.

Milk Replacer Feeding:

  • See product tag for feeding guidelines for optimal biologic growth.

  • Weigh MR powder every feeding for accuracy and consistency.

  • Mix MR powder in 110-120° F. water. Feed to calves soon thereafter, at 105° F.

  • Mix MR powder thoroughly with half of the desired final liquid volume. Add water to reach final volume and temperature; mix or whisk solution thoroughly. Feed immediately.

  • For large mixing batches, agitate while dispensing to individual feeding containers to prevent settling.

Acidified Milk Replacer Feeding:

  • Check milk replacer solution pH prior to feeding to ensure 4.0-4.5 pH.

  • Keep at 70-90°F after mixing and feed free choice via nipple feeder.

  • Mix fresh every 24-28 hours.

  • Keep equipment, nipples and hoses clean daily.

Forage Testing & Customized Feed Plans

Your animal is unique – let us tailor a feeding recommendation to their needs.

Forage is the foundation for any high performing nutrition program, but do you know what nutrients your forage is providing or lacking?

Our unique forage testing program allows a high level of precision when it comes to your animal’s diet. That means more complete nutrition, less guessing, healthier animals and happier owners.

Poulin Grain offers complimentary forage analysis, and personalized feeding recommendations for your animals. Contact us today for a free one-on-one consult with our feed experts.

Group 9 Contact for Forage Testing or Nutrition Consult

Prefer to call us? You can reach us at 800-334-6731.
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The calf I grew with Poulin’s Alphaline Calf Starter... grew about 2.2lbs/day of gain prior to weaning... she placed 3rd out of 26 at a high-profile Jersey Show in Pennsylvania.

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