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Organic 20% Calf & Heifer Pellet


A specially formulated pelleted feed for calves and small heifers.

Analysis & Ingredients
Feeding Instructions

Organic 20% Calf & Heifer Pellet Advantages

This pelleted sweet feed is coated with molasses to entice even the most choosy taste buds.

This calf starter contains BIO-MOS* and Kelp Meal in order to promote a healthy immune system.

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein(Min)20.00 %
Crude Fat(Min)3.50 %
Crude Fiber(Max)7.00 %
ADF(Max)7.00 %
Calcium(Max)1.5 %
Phosphorus(Min)0.5 %
Selenium(Min)1.0 PPM
Vitamin A(Min)19 KIU/LB


Corn, Oats, Soybean Meal, Wheat, Barley, Molasses, Soyoil, House Dairy Vitamin/Mineral Premix, Redmond Salt

Feeding Amounts & Instructions

This calf starter should be fed in small amounts as early as 1 week of age. Continue feeding free choice until about 4 months of age. At 4 months of age, Switch to 20% dairy pellets.


Organic Feed FAQs

Forage Testing & Customized Feed Plans

Your animal is unique – let us tailor a feeding recommendation to their needs.

Forage is the foundation for any high performing nutrition program, but do you know what nutrients your forage is providing or lacking?

Our unique forage testing program allows a high level of precision when it comes to your animal’s diet. That means more complete nutrition, less guessing, healthier animals and happier owners.

Poulin Grain offers complimentary forage analysis, and personalized feeding recommendations for your animals. Contact us today for a free one-on-one consult with our feed experts.

Group 9 Contact for Forage Testing or Nutrition Consult

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Organic 20% Calf & Heifer Pellet bag image
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