Transition Complete Pellet


Designed and tested to provide your transition cows the best nutrition available today.

  • Organic selenium has been recently approved by the FDA. Sel-Plex® research shows an improvement in immune status, reproductive health, calf health and immunity and SCC. These benefits are valuable to your farm.

  • Research has shown that nearly half of all mastitis infections occur during a cow's dry or newly freshened periods. Supplemental antioxidants can help make your herd stronger and healthier.

  • Selenium is often used as a supplement to maintain and help build a strong, healthy immune system. It accomplishes this by preventing cell oxidation (cell breakdown).

  • For the dairy cow, an increase in dietary antioxidant intake can result in both a reduction in incidence and severity of mastitis.

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude ProteinMin19.00 %
Crude FatMin3.75 %
Crude FiberMax5.00 %
ADFMax7.00 %
CalciumMin0.90 %
CalciumMax1.20 %
PhosphorusMin0.55 %
Vitamin AMin12300.00 IU/LB
SeleniumMin1.25 PPM

Feeding Instructions

Feed Transition Complete Pellet at a rate of 4 to 6 lbs per dry cow per day.

Dairy Feeding Guidelines

For Calves and Heifers:

  • Feed large breed calves 4 quarts of high quality colostrum within 2 hours of birth and again 12 hours later. Adjust amounts for small breed calves. If colostrum quality or quantity is low, consider using a colostrum supplement or replacer.

  • Offer free choice water from day 2.

  • Offer free choice calf starter from day 3, starting with a small amount, and increasing as they begin to eat. Calves weaned at 8 weeks of age or less should be consuming 3-4 pounds of starter grain per head per day. Never let calves go without available starter.

  • Wean calves off milk over a 10-16 day period.

  • At 12 weeks, gradually switch to heifer grower pellet, offering increasing amounts of hay.

Milk Replacer Feeding:

  • See product tag for feeding guidelines for optimal biologic growth.

  • Weigh MR powder every feeding for accuracy and consistency.

  • Mix MR powder in 110-120° F. water. Feed to calves soon thereafter, at 105° F.

  • Mix MR powder thoroughly with half of the desired final liquid volume. Add water to reach final volume and temperature; mix or whisk solution thoroughly. Feed immediately.

  • For large mixing batches, agitate while dispensing to individual feeding containers to prevent settling.

Acidified Milk Replacer Feeding:

  • Check milk replacer solution pH prior to feeding to ensure 4.0-4.5 pH.

  • Keep at 70-90°F after mixing and feed free choice via nipple feeder.

  • Mix fresh every 24-28 hours.

  • Keep equipment, nipples and hoses clean daily.


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