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Meghan Hamilton

Poulin Grain Ambassador

Meghan Hamilton is an accomplished professional rider and coach who operates her Riding Inspired dressage program out of Sleepy Hollow Farm in Dartmouth, MA.

As a clinician, Meghan also offers clinics and workshops that highlight working with the riders biomechanics with a holistic approach. Meghan also has a special affinity for training and breeding the Friesian.

Meghan is well versed in helping behavioral or troubled horses. She has a great understanding of equine behavior-emotional and physical responses and their triggers. Meghan also has a knack for thinking outside the box and using creative training to facilitate mental, emotional, and physical conditioning. Always an advocate of the horse, her work offers a “benefit of the doubt theory”, and her understanding helps bridge the gap between horses and owners.

With over 32 years in the saddle, she is constantly re-investing in her education, has extreme empathic skills that help her understand the needs of her students.

She is a current student of international rider, Olympic Team reserve and Pan Am Gold Medalist, Heather Blitz out of Florida, and has ridden in clinics and completed several RWYM teacher training courses with Ride With Your Mind™ international coach Mary Wanless, UK.

Why does Meghan choose Poulin Grain?

As a long time proponent of Poulin Grain, Meghan uses E-TEC Fibre-Max, E-TEC One, E-TEC Balancer, and EQUI-PRO Premium Senior for a variety of horses in her barn and program including sport horses, metabolic types and breeding mares. She says “I made the switch to Poulin Grain 16 years ago when the quality of other brands I had been using were becoming less than desirable and not giving me the same outcome with body score and performance."

"When I first reached out to Poulin many years ago, they sent a rep down who assessed my feed program and took core hay samples so that we could base my diets off of what I was feeding for forage. I remember him saying ‘this is a service we offer to anyone it’s free of charge’ and I thought that was very stand up as a company. He always took my calls when I had a question and anytime he was in the area he would always stop in at our farm and check in to make sure everything was up to snuff and see if he could help with anything. When I had an issue with one of my horses experiencing a hind gut acidosis issue he went so far as to send me a few bags and samples of their probiotics (GIT Activator) to see if that would help. I was impressed. I’m a very customer service oriented person and I am really big on follow through and going the extra mile. Poulin Grain demonstrated this time and time again and it is for those reasons also that I have been a long time customer!”

Meghan's Favorite Feeds

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